At Last…
A safe, simple and quick method
of solving Algae issue in all types of water applications.

pondalgaeTwo of the principle concerns shared by operators of Potable Water and Waste Water municipalities are the control of algae along with all other issues associated with these. The uncontrolled growth of algae contributes significantly to a waste water operator’s problems by impeding the bacterial action that would normally solve decomposi­tion and odor issues. Algae in Potable water are also a large concern. Algae control has never been so simple. SCI-62 ® is the answer for these problems.

Controlling Algae is not dificult as long as you are given the proper tools. SCI-62® may be applied in all types of applications, varying from the largest of  lakes to the smallest of ponds.

Chem-A-Co, Inc. manufactures a product called SCI-62®. SCI-62® is the solution to many of the treatment problems faced by waste water operators, including controlling algae, improving decomposition and reducing odors in waste water facilities. SCI-62® is a liquid-copper water treatment registered with the EPA as an algicide/bactericide and certified with NSF to meet their ANSI/INF Standard 60 regulations as a drinking water additive.

To determine the most effective and economical application of SCI-62® for your waste water facility, simply fill out the Sewage Treatment Facility Survey on the opposite side of this folder and hand, mail or fax it to your local Chem-A-Co supplier.